About AVID

AVID  was created by Douglas Schuda, a man who once had a killer mustache and a simple but innovative idea: holsters shouldn’t be inconvenient or cost prohibitive. 

A few years and a good shave later, his idea persisted even though his facial hair did not. In 2021 he decided to bring his idea to life, creating a holster system that allowed people to easily transition between different types of handguns, quickly change their carry position, and effectively store their firearms in concealed but accessible positions while operating vehicles. How did an ordinary Ohio man reinvent the modern holster? Easy, he hired help. 

Instead of creating hundreds of iterations himself, wasting a small fortune and possibly burning down his garage in the process, Doug brought his idea to a group of subject matter experts and founded AVID. His team included mechanical engineers, patent lawyers, machinists and even a mad scientist, each of whom worked under his direction to create the AVID Gen-1 Modular Holster System, The ClipLock™.


Douglas Schuda – Owner/Founder

Their team has since expanded, and now includes law enforcement officers, military servicemembers, and private security professionals field testing the AVID system. Doug’s dream wasn’t just to create a better, more convenient holster system, but to create the best holster for the people who need it most. Using field assessments and consumer feedback, AVID is dedicated to continually evolving and innovating its product. 

Today, Doug spends his time directing his team and finding new ways to improve on emerging AVID products. His goal is to bring something better to the brave individuals who safely, responsibly, and legally carry firearms. It’s a simple idea, but still a profound one: your second amendment rights shouldn’t be infringed upon because of inconvenience or expense. And handlebar mustaches never really went out of style.

Our Mission

Mission Statement

To bring the best possible products to our customers, delivering unprecedented functionality, value, and data-driven innovation.

Our Vision

To create a consumer-driven evolution process that constantly delivers more comfortable, efficient, and affordable ways to carry firearms. We want to change the way you think about holsters and tactical equipment.

Our Values

AVID supports those who protect and serve our communities, adhering to an ethical, customer-focused operations model. We believe in taking care of our customers, our employees, and the communities in which we live.