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Introducing the Most Convenient, Adaptable Holster System for Avid Firearm Enthusiasts.

Holsters are usually designed to either open-carry or conceal firearms, but not much else. They aren’t usually engineered to quickly modify your carrying position, store your firearm safely while you drive, or even swap out one size firearm for another. As a result they are often a pain in the back (or hip, or ankle, or chest) for anyone requiring even a modicum of flexibility while carrying.  

The ClipLock™ Holster System is the first of its kind, designed to add new levels of adaptability to holstered firearms. Whether you’re Law Enforcement, Armed Security, or an American citizen exercising your second amendment rights, AVID affords you unprecedented flexibility when carrying. Whether you carry inside or outside your belt, left-handed or right-handed, the ClipLock system is for you!

  • Quickly remove and exchange firearm holsters regardless of size, model or caliber.
  • Easily transition from one carry position to another to suit your adapting needs, including Hip, Appendix, Small of the Back and Ankle carries.
  • Discreetly store your firearms in an accessible, concealed location in your vehicle, at your desk, or anywhere else accessibility is normally limited.
  • Save money by buying fewer individual holsters, and reinvest it in additional firearms, ammunition and range dates.

How it Works

Simple, Sleek, and Secure – with the ClipLock Base and a ClipLock Holster, permanently upgrade the way you carry your firearms. Watch to see how it works!

Coming Soon

The LockBox system is the latest innovation from AVID. It allows you to securely store your firearm without removing it from your ClipLock Holster, while also providing a seamless draw of your weapon.

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Switching from my full-sized .45 to my subcompact 9mm used to require taking off my belt, removing the holster, replacing it with a new one, and then putting the belt back on. With the ClipLock™, I can swap one holster for another in seconds, going from my .45 to my 9mm to my .38 quickly and easily. Even better, I can remove my holster when I climb into my car, snap it into an accessible concealed position while I drive, and then easily conceal it back on my person when I’m ready. It’s easy. It’s effective. It’s a product I wish I’d had YEARS ago.

Thomas Gamache

Veteran, US Army